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“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” Discipline is considered to be a key to success and certainly, there is no doubt on the same but sometimes this word becomes critical when it is used in reference to the education field. There has been much controversy regarding the same which is not on how important […]


A school is a place developing the young buds into the flowers which make the world a place full of fragrance, a place worth living, to cherish the journey we call life. Schooling is an integral part of one’s life that paves the path to one’s success. It is the foundation that decides the future of the […]

Class Test

The continuous Tests help the students to check that where does he actually stands and is he really prepared for his Unit Test and the Semester Exams. With the help of Class Test, a student can learn better.

U.T. 1

Regular Unit Tests are a kind of opportunity to demonstrate knowledge, skills and abilities in a variety of ways of a student. U.T. helps a student to develop a wide range of higher-order thinking skills.


By tracking your child performance, you can give strong push to your ward. For this purpose, parental involvement through the PTA, committees or classroom volunteering is essential.