A school is a place developing the young buds into the flowers which make the world a place full of fragrance, a place worth living, to cherish the journey we call life.

Schooling is an integral part of one’s life that paves the path to one’s success. It is the foundation that decides the future of the students, as education in the contemporary world is nothing else but a passport to the future and it makes selecting the right school for your child a matter of grave concern. When one goes through the process of same there are many points to be looked after and safety of your ward, accessibility, environment and
faculty of the school are few of them. We are proud to ensure that having all of them. Mayo International School is an institution that provides you an opportunity to have your child in the institution as a learner where he can relish his journey of learning fulfilling all your

Why Mayo?

The institution is having a long journey of excellence imparting education to all with excellence since last 25 years. The list of our numerous successful aluminize leading the nation as distinguish professionals in various fields validate the same. The school is situated at the prime location of Delhi having remarkable accessibility from all the modes of public transport including nearby Metro station. We are having a secure and adequate infrastructure including a playground and well-ventilated classrooms for your ward. The Pre-primary section of the school is fully air-conditioned having all the means of recreation.

We have a consistent and dedicated group of academicians working 24* 7 for the welfare of students. Many of them have been an integral part of our school for years.
The School is technically empowered by digital ERP system making parents aware of every move and achievement of the children in the school. Mayo believes in Activity-based learning enriching the learning power of the children. With the view of same there are many clubs in the school to develop various talents of your ward providing him a
chance to be a versatile learner. The leading position of the school in Zonals makes a great difference between Mayo and other schools as the school is at one of the topmost
ranks in the same arena. Personal attention is given to all the students to assist them to achieve the height of excellence as we believe every child is a diamond in himself waiting to be pruned. Safety of your ward is the prime concern of the school management and
is never compromised with. Every corner of the school is under CCTV surveillance continuous monitored by school management and security staff. The school is having a potential transport system having numerous buses run by our regular verified staff and availability of attendants make them quite secure for your wards. We wish you all best of luck in selecting the most appropriate option for your ward.

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                                 – A School Making a Big Difference

Mayo international is a school making a great difference in the field of education since last 25 glorious years. Situated at the prime location in Delhi the school supports the motto of
education for all serving the future of the nation for the empowerment of tomorrow.
Working in the field of education for a long time the school is fulfilling all the needs of the day being technologically empowered with time. The infrastructure of the school and futuristic views of the management differentiate it with the other schools in Delhi. Along with a number of co-curricular activities and trips organized by the school, the school has never ignored the emphasis on academics that makes this institution an association having a blend of excellent academic records in board exams along with a leading position in
Zonals in Delhi. Securing your child as its assets the school is 24*7 there to be with you
in the security of your ward as every corner of the school is under CCTV surveillance. With the same view the school is having a sufficient number of supporting staff to keep your ward secure in school premises and in the school transport too. A number of workshops and orientation programmes are organized by the school to keep you and your ward up to date and to groom your child as a successful individual and professional.

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