-Kavita Bakshi

Have you ever been in a position or situation where you felt hesitant to share your thoughts or views publically? Our shyness, fear and insecurities hold us back and in spite of our wish, we are not able to express ourselves. Negative thoughts appear when we lack confidence, a sense of inferiority and fearfulness paralyses our mind. Students who feel shy sometimes notice physical sensations like blushing or feeling speechless, shaky or breathlessness. They feel hesitated to say or do something. So, this phobia to interact in front of others has to be overcome. NEVER LET SHYNESS CONQUER YOUR MIND EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY TO PERSONAL AND CAREER SUCCESS. Shy children remain silent, may refuse to enter a new setting, refuse to participate on stage or perform a dance. They don’t want to come in limelight. It becomes tough for introvert students to get success. Such students are not able to make connections and bond with their teachers or with their fellow students. Many students suffer from shyness and are struggling to overcome it. Overcoming shyness can be quite simple. Many students suffer from shyness and are struggling to overcome it.

If a child will come out of his cocoon and tries to overcome his/her shyness, the following pointers can be kept in mind and can be followed in his/her regime.:-

Be self-confident:- learn to accept and trust yourself. Try to do things that make you scared. When you are confident, you perform up to your potential and do your best. It gives you positivity and makes you bold and enthusiastic.

Be yourself:- It means one has to be original and honest with oneself and not pretend to be more than others.

Never have the fear of being rejected:- Many students have the fear of being rejected. They must learn that rejection is just a part of life and stepping stone towards success. Perseverance always leads to success.

A very simple exercise can be levied upon oneself to overcome shyness. Close eyes and visualize a moment where you have been confident in that situation. Definitely, it will boost the confidence and awaken the inner spirit of a child.

One may come across many people who will bully or pass sarcastic remarks or comments for any being who shirks coming in the forefront; the best way in such a situation is to keep a healthy distance from them and stand in front of them.

All these strategies will definitely help the child to
overcome shyness and achieve success in the long run.

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