…….Because saying Nothing says Something

-Isha Jain

“I had locked myself inside the room for days .”
“I never talked to anyone about how I feel.”
“It was difficult to cope up with the pressure.”
“I think everyone makes fun of me .”
“I had sleepless nights but I was scared to share. ”
“I looked for confidants but could see the mask they were wearing.”
” I think I deserve the humiliation to be suffered!”

Hello ?? Is anyone there??? Anyone ??? Please, please listen to me. I CANT DO IT!!”

“I can’t take it anymore !! I think this anxiety will not let me live !! I want peace – peace – yes, I should kill myself to end this pain. I can’t bear it anymore. ”

How many times have we come across news about suicide ?? Umpteenth times maybe! But what do we do? Do we ponder over the same later? Or it is just another news? It’s like out of sight, out of mind! But those, those who have lost one of their own without knowing what could have possibly gone wrong which they were unaware of. A life left them in grief and remorse. Left them with a series of endless contemplations, an unfathomable lacuna, a spree of unanswered questions, and the guilt of losing you !!

Depression is being termed as a 21st-century disease. It is of varied kinds wherein a person might appear healthy and happy from outside but a lot must be going inside which is not keeping them at ease. A lot of teenagers these days go into this abyss simply because of peer pressure. Not to forget parents constant nagging and expectations, comparison with neighbours son, verbal abuse which compels them to run in the rat race even when they are lions. A mere failed relationship or rejection can act as a trigger to take a valuable asset called life, without thinking Twice! It’s easy, it’s easy to ease out pain in this way. ……..Had it been, we all would have done so quite early in life.

So, where is the problem? Do we need to blame us as parents, teachers, mentors? Or the society for keeping the standards so high? Or the media to associate everything with fame and money? No, problems lie WITH THE PERSON WHO IS READING THIS. We never have time for each other. Office calls, social commitments, social media, our curiosity to cater to fake media and glorifying
news keep us busy! So busy that we forget to lend an ear to the one who is communicating through eyes ( the smile doesn’t reach there anymore), through gestures( hands do shiver now), through changed behaviour (not the usual self anymore ). But we are trained to listen to the voice but not the heart, to understand the thought but not feel it, to be engulfed in our parties every weekend but not heal a broken soul, to follow a fancy face but not a social cause. Yes. The fault lies in our fostering. We were told the simple formulae that wealth + success = happiness. As rational fools, we chase it, we chase it all life long till death do us apart and forget a simple thing, “Smile is a cause, not an effect,” as said by Kaneko Ikeda, wife of a famous a Japanese Buddhist philosopher, educationist, author and peace propagator.

The second problem lies with the person who underestimates himself and chooses this route of calling it off. Have you tried enough? Martin Luther said, ” If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl; but by all means, keep moving .” We are the most intelligent animals. we can work out a way for ourselves. How should I be judged and seen; my relatives cannot decide this for me. How should I live; society cannot decide this for me. What should be my profession, what should I eat, how should I behave, others cannot take charge of my life. I cannot give remote control of my life to someone else. Mostly, we feed our fears, thereby leading our entire lives living up to the terms and expectations of others. Not it how would have but how others want it!

Let’s talk! Let’s hear out! Let’s understand! Let’s console! Let’s…Just… Live….and fight..!! As living and facing the problems is as brave a deed as a soldier’s sacrifice.

And bloom like smiling dandelion, who is never afraid to face the challenges and even after the storm … it strives to blossom with all the more vigour! Let’s smile because winter always changes to spring !! Let us believe that it will happen and say out loud when life throws you a googly…. still I AM NOT DISCOURAGED!!



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