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-Kavita Bakshi Covid-19 Pandemic has made the whole world shut all across the globe. Schools are also closed worldwide to prevent the spread of the virus and resultantly, given the way to online classrooms. As a result, the drastic change in teaching and learning has become a challenge for teachers as well as students. Millions […]

ऑनलाइन शिक्षण : अध्यापकों के लिए चुनौती

(अनु अग्रवाल ) कोविड संकट ने इंसानों के जीवन के हर पक्ष को प्रभावित किया है | शिक्षा जगत पर भी इसका व्यापक असर पड़ा है | शिक्षण संस्थानों ने कोरोना से उत्पन्न समस्या को एक अवसर मानते हुए ऑनलाइन शिक्षण को अपना लिया| कुछ समय पूर्व तक बच्चे,शिक्षक और अभिभावक ही शिक्षा के मुख्य […]

Digitally literate seniors- a by product of COVID

– Gagandeep Kaur ‘Necessity is the mother of invention.’ This proverb normally goes good when it comes to scientific progression but in present times, this has been validated by the seniors in our life who have invented their potential of learning like never before, when it was required the most. COVID-19 lockdown has definitely accelerated […]